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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Contemporary Children's Bedroom by GAB - Colorful Bedroom

Clorful-Bedroom-For Children

If you are looking for a Contemporary child's bedroom design , Fun and Funky, this might be a solution and best choice for decorating your child's bedroom, this is one of them, mixing a combination of style and functionality, contemporary child bedroom full color designed by Italian company GAB. See this
interesting picture. and an article that can add your ideas written by Jenifer Akre after the jump.

Children's Bedroom Furniture, Let Your Children Dream in Color - Ideas from Jenifer Akre

Vibrant colors, bold patterns, fun textures the only time you can get away with decorating like this is in a child's room. After all they are only young once and their room should be fun.

Besides mixing and matching colors and patterns children's bedroom furniture is also available in coordinating collections. If your son likes outer space go with a set including a spaceship headboard and foot board as well as a coordinating mirror and bedside table. Does your daughter like jewelry? If the answer is yes try a set with pieces accented in baubles on necklaces in a tasty mix of rainbow sherbet colors like strawberry pink, mint green, pastel orange and silver.


You can also let your child have some input on how their room should be furnished and accessorized. Look at their hobbies and interests. It is their room so it should reflect who they are and what they love. If they like to collect insects maybe a bug room or if they like camping try a forest themed room complete with a log cabin bed and forest creatures peeking around the corner.


Loft beds, futons, different head and foot boards of wood or metal, dressers at just the right height; all are ways to make your child's room uniquely them. Start with a bed or a rug or a table. Children's bedroom furniture in its whimsical styles ensures your child's room will be a place filled with laughter and fun. From twinkling fairylands to jungles waiting to be explored and beaches to lounge on; all will envelope your child in a world of dreams and imagination as themes for their rooms.

Shopping for children's bedroom furniture can be tough because often it is only sold in specialty stores and when it isn't the selection is usually quite small. So instead of trekking to every furniture store in a tri-state area try shopping online. You'll be able to browse the largest selection and most reasonable prices from the comfort of home. With a few clicks of the mouse your child's new bedroom furniture will be on its way to your door.


You'll find furniture for children of any age from industrial looking metal locker furniture for the preteen to shabby chic white pieces for the little country girl. For a little boy try airplanes, cars or trains and put their imagination on wheels and wings. No matter what you or your children like, there is children's bedroom furniture online to suit your needs.

Let your child keep their sense of wonder every time they enter a room furnished just for them and with their help. Whether your son the artist wants paint splats on the wall and furniture made of brushes or your daughter wants to rule the kingdom of counterpane from her castle-like bed you can find children's bedroom furniture to fulfill their wildest dreams. After all since the average person spends one third of their life in bed you might as well make their bedroom a place they love and enjoy.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jennifer_Akre


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